Career Lessons to Learn From Scandal's Olivia Pope


Every woman and man I know (including me) pauses everything on a Thursday night at 10 pm just to get seduced by the drama, the seduction, the deceit and the lies.  We tune in every week to see what political scandals are going to drop and how Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), the leader of "The Gladiators in suits," will fix her clients' delicate yet serious problems.  Though Olivia Pope is a fictional character on a TV show, we ladies are real, but like Olivia Pope we showcase our Gladiator prowess daily in both our personal and professional lives. We're quick thinkers who assess situations, rally the team and make power plays to fix things even with constantly changing variables.

Besides the lessons of how to secretly date the president of the United States and being DC's sexiest crisis fixer, Olivia Pope teaches us some really priceless lessons that we can execute daily. So, if you're looking for some ways to step up your game by embracing your inner Olivia Pope, here are a few practical tips from the top crisis manager's play book to help you with that:

  1. Always be impeccably dressed - look the part
  2. To compete in a world that's dominated by men, you've got to be fierce
  3. Be intentional in all that you do
  4. Be excellent at what you do
  5. To achieve success as a leader, you must align your team around a shared vision
  6. Keep both your friends and enemies close
  7. Fight passionately and tirelessly for what you believe
  8. No one's perfect, but it's all in the recovery
  9. Maintain the chain of command while empowering your people to act
  10. Don't let personal issues cloud your professional judgement
  11. Seek genuine feedback without taking it personal

What lessons have you personally learned from Olivia Pope?


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