Handmadeology: D-Nadz Jewelry


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by D Nadz Jewelry, all words and opinions are my own.

Jewelry has been around and has always been part of our cultures.  In some cultures such as India, jewelry is a vital part of their daily life and religion. They were first crafted using wood, stones, feathers, bones, skin and even plants; then later technology enabled artisans to shape materials such as gems and metals into a range of styles.  Jewelry existed as a way of expressing wealth and social status, which has since evolved into a form of artistic and or fashion expression.

Nadine Dillon is a handmade jewelry designer behind D-Nadz Jewelry (today's post sponsor), who works from her home studio in Brooklyn, New York.  It was about 2 years ago when I met Nadine at a networking event.  On her table she was showcasing her Mary Kay products and off to the side she had a necklace and earring set - it was the jewelry that caught my eyes. I consulted with her and D-Nadz Jewelry was birthed.  D-Nadz  Jewelry is handmade from some of the finest wooden beads, pearls, crystals, gemstones and other exotic materials.


Wearing handmade jewelry is a real expression of self  and ethnic flair - they have their own beauty and unique appeal.  So if you're the type that like unique and  modern jewelry, then D-Nadz is the way to go.  The simple but statement artisan collection is great for formal, casual and professional wear with an offering of a variety of colors.  While some pieces are reorder-able, some are one of a kind with the option to customize based on material availability.

Handmadeology: D-Nadz Jewelry

Hop on over to the D-Nadz website (www.dnadzjewelry.com) and see if anything catches your eye. While there, don't forget that birthday or anniversary gift you need to get.

How to care for your handmade jewelry

  • To promote longevity of your pieces limit exposure to anything that may cause extreme wear and tear
  • Store your silver pieces in jewelry boxes or anything that prevents tarnish caused from moisture
  • Hang non-silver pieces to prevent them from tangling
  • Regularly clean your pieces to prevent residue in the air and from your skin from damaging your prized piece
  • Use appropriate cleaners for each piece, as harsh and inappropriate cleaners can cause damage


Thanks D Nadz jewelry for sponsoring today's post. All opinions are my own.