The Mother's Club of Wheatley Heights 23rd Annual Women's Luncehon

The Mother's Club of Wheatley Heights 23rd Annual Women's Luncehon


Yesterday Sunday, March 16th,  I was invited  as the guest of Mrs. Vera Moore for the 23rd Annual Women's History Month Luncheon hosted by the fierce and fabulous women of The Mother's Club of Wheatley Heights.  MCWH which began in 1980, was formed as a result of the closing of the  Taukomas Elementary School in  fear that their African-American children would be further isolated from their peers.  The organization (which believes in the saying "it takes a village to raise a child") thrives on the purpose of motivating, cultivating, enlightening and encouraging self-esteem in the children of Wheatley Heights.  Over the years they developed into a powerful force and educational advocates who are visible, vigilant, and vocal in all that affects their children.  I was honored to be amidst this rich group of women who are making such a positive impact in Wheatley Heights and surrounding communities.


 This year's Annual Luncheon  which featured a new format was held in the beautiful Crest Hollow Country Club ballroom, filled with women of all ages, shapes and sizes embracing and being their bold and beautiful self.  Honored for their service were Gina Talbert (for 27 years of continuous commitment to ensure the best education for others), Vera Moore (for being an entrepreneurial pioneer in the field of cosmetics geared towards minority women), Venette's Cultural Workshop (who continues to commit countless hours of their lives giving students appreciation for the arts), and Delfina Hennep (for her continued dedication in Speech and Language Pathology).


The parameter of the ballroom was colorfully decorated with a variety of sponsors and vendors who offered a fabulous shopping experience - from beauty, to fashion, to books, and crafts.  We were entertained by a live fashion show presented by G7 Agency featuring NYC Ballet Star by Kady Hart, Carrie's Closet by Carrie Johnson, Styles by Tyran Marquis (aka Mr Pocket square) and Gamakache Black by Maragret.  The 2014 Youth Poet Laureate, Ramya Ramana had the room's full attention with her powerful spoken words.  Lunch was a Tuscan Salad, a choice of a chicken  or a fish entree, with a Duet of Petite Tartufo for dessert.  They also had a raffle and Chinese Auction segment  from which the sales together with the funds from the luncheon would go towards providing awards for college education.


The keynote speaker was Mrs Stacie N. C. Grant,  a highly sought after speaker, author, coach, radio and TV host.  Stacie challenged us to reach for higher heights by  "honoring who we are as women, staying in prayer and looking to God, and to be bold and beautiful by not trying to be a copy of someone else but by being true to who we are as individuals."  She encouraged that while we live, to leave something  to be celebrated by planting seeds that would inspire others; and reinforced that  COURAGE and WILL, PERSEVERANCE and SKILL are the  four leaves of Luck's clover.

Stacie and Nicole

My take away from the event was that being bold and beautiful is about having courage... the courage to step out on faith, the courage to go against the grain and be different,  the courage to say I've had enough, the courage to speak up, and the courage to chase your dream.

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Share with us in the comment area below, how you're  being bold and beautiful in your community or in your life.




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