Covergirls: Flawless and Fabulous!

When it comes to great makeup the perfect concealer and foundation is 80% of the job done.  As a makeup artist I've used more than my share of concealers and foundations; some I was impressed with and some not so much. The Vera Moore line of products are the newest addition to my makeup kit and not only am I loving them but my clients are ecstatic!  I don't know about you, but foundation and concealer is the sure way of getting flawlessly clear and perfect complexion.
For today's beauty looks I wanted to do a pretty flawless nude look that appears natural. Something that looked fresh and fabulous, with smoky eyes and soft lips that are strong yet playful.
For the girls natural look I started by moisturizing the skin then used concealer [which should be yellow based, creamy and smooth in texture] to cover blemishes and trouble spots. Next I applied foundation [which shouldn't be too heavy but a perfect match to your skin tone] to the cheeks and forehead blending towards the edge of face to even out complexion. Use powder [which should be almost invisible and yellowish in shade] to set concealer and foundation.
I filled their brows using a dark brown shadow [which defines the brows without looking harsh and painted] as a filler. If you don't have much brow hair, dampen the brush before applying shadow or use a pencil for staying power.
Next I applied to both the girls eyes a highlighter shadow from lash line to brow bone.
Chiara has monolids [no real crease], so I created some definition using a dark shadow in the middle, a light shadow [to matched her top] on the lids, then used an eye pencil to line her eyes.
Natasha has big beautiful eyes, so I brought those out by sweeping a bit of dark shadow over the crease blending out and brushing over the eyelids for a bit of definition. I then lined her eye with a black eye pencil, winging it out beyond the outer corner to elongate the width.
The girls looks were then topped off by applying mascara, a pop of color to the apples of the cheeks, and nude lipstick applied using my fingers [lips were lined with a lip pencil one shade lighter].
What do you think of the girls looks? Leave a comment for them to read.