A Mompreneur's Tips For Working Smarter

I'm a "Hard Working Diva Mompreneur," who on top of an already stacked life, is also building a multi-faceted business. Sometimes like most of you, I feel like I don't have enough hours in the day. But the truth is, all we need is a strategy to work smarter and maximize our time to reach our full potential.  Otherwise, we fall prey to sacrificing our family and our own peace of mind.
Here are 7 productivity tips from my e-book "A Mompreneur's Tips For Working Smarter" (will be available Feb 24th) to help you spend time on the right things and get more done in less time.
  1. Figure out what you need to accomplish and set clear specific goals
  2. Focus on the things that will help move you closer to those goals
  3. List everything to be done each day, then prioritize by ONLY what is important
  4. Use a calendar that you can color code to personalize for your lifestyle
  5. Create a simple system for performing regular tasks
  6. Set dedicated time slots to accomplish each task
  7. Last but not least, measure your results, so you know what's actually working

If you like these tips be sure to share with your friends, and leave a comment letting me know which tip you need to focus on.