Makeup: Natural Beauty Style

As a makeup artist, I think that most women are more beautiful than they give themselves credit for.  So I am always inspired when I meet women with natural beauty style.  As quoted from Bobbi Brown Beauty - the ultimate beauty resource,

"there is no one 'perfect' beauty standard but countless expressions of personalized beauty."

Today I share with you D - whose inner beauty is just as bright as her physical features. D has a strong personality which is softened by her sweet and exotic beauty - which brightens a room when she smiles.
D's beauty is sort of quintessential chameleon and her style is simple yet elegant and timeless. Though makeup can change her entirely, for the pictures I kept it simple so her breathtaking and flawless skin could shine through. I wanted to define her features while keeping it fresh and soft rather than chiseled and powerful.
  • Prior to applying makeup, I cleansed the skin, applied moisturizer, a skin primer to prep and help the foundation to glide on much easier.
  • Wearing the right moisturizer for your skin type will ensure that your makeup really last.
Hope you like! Have a great weekend!
Makeup & Hair by Me
Photographed by Roland Hyde