Goal Setting, Vision Boards and Goal Doing

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  We've made it through 2013, and I sincerely hope you had a happy, healthy and peaceful holiday season. And now it's that time of year when everyone starts focusing on making resolutions, but resolutions are nothing more than focusing on the very things you do not want to do.  On the other hand, setting goals help you to focus on the things you want to achieve, couple that with ACTION and you are well on your way to success!

So instead of just making resolutions I've learned to set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time targeted) GOALS, by writing them down and translating them on a VISION BOARD.  A vision board is a very powerful way of channeling the positive things you want, it helps to give your goals clarity and life.

Get empowered to achieve your goals and start your journey to a happier you!

For the last week of 2013 I spent my time penning my goals I wanted to achieve in 2014. I thought about the major areas in my life (personal life, business life, relationships, finance, spiritual, and health & fitness) condensed them to about 10, clarified how to attain them, then brought them to life on a vision board using images and words that represent the positive things I wanted the most. 
My goals are completed and now resides in my personal "Evernote" notebook where I can access them on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Tablet 7.0 no matter where I go. See my vision board below.
So what's next you might ask? Now I continuously revisit my goals to keep focused, scratching off the ones I've accomplished and adding new ones while stretching myself outside of my comfort zone.

Starting healthy routines can be tough, but compared to the alternative, isn't it worth taking the time to consciously make the decision and put a system in place to accomplish your goals?

Note:  Be sure not to get caught up setting too many goals, as they will  overwhelm you.  It is easier to set about 8 to 10 then add new ones as you accomplish them.
Go ahead create your own vision board and share them with me on my Facebook page here.