Review: Bobbi Brown BB Cream

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BB Creams (short for Blemish or Beauty Balms) are hybrid multi-tasking cosmetics that were sold mainly in Asia but are now trending with a cult-like following here in the US.  They hydrate, prime, treat, camouflage, and protect the skin.  

I've been trying a couple of brands - L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier, Iman Skin Tone Evener, and today's honorable mention Bobbi Brown BB Cream - to see how well they work and which do I like best.  

The Bobbi Brown brand is a little pricey but it's a definite on your list of BB creams.  It is a formulation of moisturizer, treatment, foundation and a broad spectrum SPF 35 sun protection. The product is now available in 9 skin tone shades from extra-light to dark.  The fact that it is a skin perfecter for normal to oily skin which made it perfect for my breakout prone skin.  After applying the Bobbi Brown BB cream and before applying my foundation I could see that the product had visibly reduced the the appearance of my acne discoloration and redness while it brightened my skin. The product created a smooth canvas for my foundation and definitely counteracts shine for a matte look.