Good Reads: The Twelve Universal Laws of Success

 I'm a big reader-holic and over the years outside of my favorite style and beauty books, magazines and blogs I've, accumulated a pretty decent library of classic books.  My library is a compilation of J. Paul Getty's "How To Be Rich," Dale Carnegie's "How To Win Friends & Influence People," T.D. Jakes' "Reposition Yourself"," B.A. Newman's "Fight The Good Fight," and Herbert Harris "The Twelve Universal Laws of Success" to name a few.
"Your self-image is important because it is the starting point of your life experiences."
Just like a good movie, sometimes you must go back and re-read a good book.  So this month I've started re-reading "The Twelve Universal Laws of Success."  This book is filled with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom on success principles; delivering page turning insights on how to to build personal and professional success.  If you have not yet read this book or even if you have already done so, be sure to spend some time on the pages about SELF-IMAGE.
"You attract thoughts, people, and experiences which are congruent with how you think and feel about yourself.'
To get your copy of this practical, user friendly step-by-step guide of success principles to apply in your life for desired results, click here.