Fashion's Most Un-credited Hero


In a society where instant gratification is the norm, foundation garments (affectionately known as shape-wear) have become every woman's best friend.  After trying my first pair of shape-wear this summer I can understand why they have become such hot commodity.  They provide superior shaping and slimming results, some corrects posture and assists in weight loss, and best off all the ability to give insta-CONFIDENCE.

Foundation garment is the general term used to define clothing that shapes specific body parts for an aesthetically pleasing result; and sometimes used medically.  While some target multiple areas others target just the stomach, butt or thighs. Shape-wears are made from special breathable fabric technology, which helps you to look gorgeous and  bulge-free.
Foundation garments are a Hollywood's best kept secret, many actresses as admitted that it is their go to staple for smoothing out bulges and lines leaving a more pleasing silhouette. Celebrities like Tyra Banks are not afraid to let people know that their perfect red carpet bodies is a combination of spanx and hard work.  

Tyra Banks dishes on her show that this versatile Yummie Tummie tank  (show below) is one of her favorite.
Yummie Tummie - 'Eva' Camisole
Key thing to remember, your shape-wear should always be comfortable and never too tight, otherwise you run the risk of compressing nerves and organs resulting in an even bigger health issue. Try the following shape-wears based on the your desired result.

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SPANX® - 'Slimplicity' Underbust Mid Thigh Bodysuit Shaper Yummie Tummie - 'Eva' Camisole Assets Red Hot Label Body Shapers - Focused Firmers High-Waist Half Slip, XL Assets Red Hot Label Body Shapers - Luxe & Lean Open-Bust Tank, S
ShaToBu - Shaping Tights, Medium CASS Luxury Shapewear - Contour Thong, Large/Extra Large, 12-16
Assets Red Hot Label Body Shapers - Focused Firmers Mid-Thigh, M TC - 'Wonderful Edge®' Shaping Briefs