The YOU Brand


Branding is an imperative aspect of every business, but you should remember that besides the business or company the “YOU” brand is the most important brand you will ever own.  This is more so true for the freelancer or entrepreneur.   The more popular or recognized you are the more it will serve you and your business.

OK, so you don’t own a business nor or you an entrepreneur, can you still brand yourself?  Yes, anyone can build a personal brand, which is built through your work, character, and attitude.  Your daily activities and actions affect the “YOU” brand, so always be conscious of the brand message you are transcending.   Make sure your body language, the way you speak, and the way you dress is consistent with the way you want your brand to be perceived.  The better you can articulate your value proposition – your experience, knowledge and skills – the better you will stand out.


Here are a few ways you can brand yourself

  • provide quality work and service
  • attend networking events and connect with other professionals
  • become publicly active in your community
  • define who you are through your resume
  • build credibility in your area of expertise by writing and contributing to industry blogs and publications
  • maintain a LinkedIn profile or personal website to highlight professional accomplishments and knowledge
  • add an email signature (include name, title, contact info, and link to website or online profile)

Building your personal brand will help you get noticed in a crowded sea, and will help you to land that dream job or internship, get that promotion,  and even land new clients.

Take the Journey to Personal Brand Clarity


image via flickr cc / Benoit Champagne

Post first published July 16, 2013 on my Read board which no longer exist.