Vanessa K Bush, Essence's New Editor-in-Chief


 photo credit Essence Communications Inc

It has been about five months since Vanessa K. Bush was appointed Acting Managing Editor of Essence, she stepped in to replace Constance White, the former Editor-in-Chief after her departure.  I Loved Constance but have since grown to love Vanessa and look forward to reading her monthly insights in "A Letter From The Editor."  I 'm guessing Essence too feels she is doing a great job, because they recently announced that Vanessa K. Bush willbe their new Editor-in-Chief. Vanessa has been with Essence for over 10 years, climbing the reigns as beauty and Fashion Features Editor, Lifestyle Editor, and Executive Editor before being named the Acting EIC.  Prior to Essence Vanessaserved in editotial capacities at Life and Glamour, and also co-authored with Tyra Banks the best-selling book "Tyra's Beauty Inside Out."

Congratulations Vanessa K. Bush!!