Styling Tips For Men

This week I am giving men some personal attention... So today I am outlining for you guys some shopping and styling tips to have you feeling more confident. These advice will not only have you looking sharper but the ladies will be sure to notice.

Shirts & Jackets

  • Fit one finger between your collar and neck and you have the right fit, two fingers signals your collar is too big.
  • Shirt sleeves should fit at the natural wrist line - right where your wrist bends. 
  • Jacket sleeves should end half inch above your shirt sleeve (assuming your shirt is the right fit).


  • Always opt for flat front pants over pleats, they look better, are more fashionable and gives a slimmer effect.
  • Based on how edgy and fashionable you want to be perceived, no-break (right at the shoe) or a-little-break (a little over the shoe) are the perfect length for a man's pants. 


  • Do opt for  a pair of nice loafers over sneakers, they are more functional and definitely on the chic side.
  • You can tell a lot about a man by his shoes, so be sure to invest in a couple great pairs and keep them looking shiny.


  • Belt must always match your shoes, so you may want stay away from hard to match colors.
  • A really good time-teller (watch) that fits your lifestyle makes for a great investment.
  • For the most part, socks should match your pants, though a slight variation gives for a more fashionable look.
Most clothing are made for a larger commercial market, so it is your responsibility to tailor for a perfect fit.  While some department store have their own tailors to make alterations for the customer, it may be a wise idea to find yourself a great tailor and put him on speed dial.  
Happy styling! 
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