Men's Grooming Must Haves

To continue men's week on the blog, today we'll cover grooming must haves.    A man's approach to to grooming says a lot about is outlook and approach to life.  A mature man knows that he must attend to his appearance and spend meticulous time (without obsessing) on his hygiene - something they take great pleasure in doing.  Yes, that means get rid of the soap bars, invest in some staples, and spend a little more time to help keep you looking healthy and clean.
Here is my summary of staples every man should have:
Old Spice is one of the good old favorites
Shaving Cream
Sandalwood has been getting a lot of raves, Nivea for Men is another great one.
Kyoku for Men works great, it not just exfoliate but is infused with ingredients that helps to tone and balance the skin.
Cleanser for Men
Nivea for Men is just one of the many choices.
clay mask
Neutrogena Men Age Fighter face moisturizer also helps to prevent sun damaged with its Broad Spectrum SPF 15 protection.
Rotary Nose Trimmer
Q-tips cotton swap tasks that require a soft touch
Gold Bond
Gold Bond, medicated powder great for absorbing moisture and relieving itch.  You are probably more familiar with the yellow bottle but if you need something a little stronger go for green.
A Wet Shaving Set
Parker 96R Safety Razor Shave Set  makes a great gift to yourself as it will provide years of service.
There are several great trimmers on the market, view several options here.
Nail Clippers
Tweezerman His stainless Nail Clipper Set, extra durable heavy duty clippers.
What are some of your must haves or must haves that is not on my list?