Advice For Aspiring Makeup Artists


As a makeup Artist I'm often asked for tips on how to get started as a makeup artist. 

First of all I'll say, a makeup career can be as challenging as it is exciting and rewarding. You do not have to go to school but you do need to do your research depending on the state that you are in - to see if you are required to have a license.  You also need to figure out what type of makeup artistry you want to do, if your interest is FX or theatrical makeup then you need to find a specialized school.
Get yourself a job at a cosmetics counter, learn the basics and practice, practice, practice.  Take makeup classes, workshops and connect with other makeup artists to see if you can work as their assistant or shadow them. Learn skin tones, how to match them and how to work with different skin types. 
Building your kit will take time and don't believe the hype that your kit must be filled with expensive makeup; drugs store brands can also work fabulous.  And last but not least, take classes to learn business and marketing skills - they are crucial to a successful business.
Best of Luck and Live Your Dream!
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