Design Essentials Natural Twist and Set Setting Lotion


I recently received a Design Essentials (DE) natural hair product courtesy of ESSENCE Insiders to test out; and I must say it was a keeper.  If you wear your natural hair, then you know it's really a love/hate relationship; so I'm always looking for products that will give me the best results and save on time.

The product I received was the Design Essentials Natural Twist & Set Setting Lotion, which is ideal for curly and coily textured hair types (3 & 4).  It is a ready-to-use, quick-drying lotion formulated with essential botanicals, vitamins and proteins the likes of Jojoba, Olive Oil, and Silk Amino-Acids.  I typically wash my hair, twist and let it air dry, so this product took no effort for me to use...  All I had to do was apply to my wet hair before twisting.

The Natural Twist & Setting Lotion did condition my hair, and provided manageability along with some hold.  My hair wasn't super shiny but it didn't have a dull look either.  While using the product, I opted to not re-twist my hair for a couple of days to see how it would  hold up, and it held up great!  I simply added a bit of the lotion to my palms rubbbed it into my hair, fluffed it and I was ready to go; I knew my hair looked great because I received many compliments.

I love that the hold the product provided was not flaky or hard but left my hair feeling really soft.  The product retails for $13.99 on DE website or on Amazon.

I must say this one is a home-run.  Thumbs up Design Essentials!

Have you tried a Design Essential product?