Brow Styling

Eyes are the windows to the soul and eyebrows are the frames of those windows, when properly styled can change your entire appearance giving you an instant lift and a more polished look.  The most attractive and flattering brows are soft, feminine, full, well shaped and defined.  And if you are not blessed with fullness, no worries, just fill in the gaps using a brow pencil or brow brush and powder.  Each person's eyebrows have a unique natural arch and should be shaped and tailored specifically to the individual's face and eyes.

I am not a big fan of the methods of waxing, shaving or threading as they are harsh on the eye area.  The eye and the skin around it is very sensitive and delicate and should be treated with care.  Tweezing also offers  more precision and accuracy than the other methods, which increases the chance of uneven and overzealous hair removal.
How to shape
  • fill in brows [align a pencil perpendicular to the base of the nose to start the front; the arch should rise gradually along the brow bone with the highest point above the outer corner of the iris and taper off at the edge of the eye and follow its angle]
  • brush brows up using a spoolie or brow brush
  • use a slant tip tweezers to remove strays that fall outside of the natural arch (tweeze in opposite direction of the growth)
  • only tweeze above brows if they are erratic
  • use spoolie to comb hair up at an angle, if there are noticeable longer hair trim
  • then fill in where necessary with pencil or powder
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Bonus tips:
The top of each arch must be at the same height for a symmetrical look (a problem that is predominant with the other methods of shaping). Then top off by brushing some translucent powder to set brows and soften the look from filling in.
If your brow hair is thin or fine opt for tweezing over the other methods.
~~~ If you are ever looking for an instant face lift, get your eyebrows professionally styled.