Baby Dedication

Happy Monday Y'all!  I know I was missing from the blog this past week and I do apologize; but I had a perfectly great reason.  My baby girl got dedicated this weekend and so I was busy preparing for her special day.


We promised to give our child every possible benefit of home, of school and of church.


Children are a gift from God and what better way to give Him thanks than to give up your child to Him.  My daughters dedication ceremony was a big deal for me because it also gave me my first chance to celebrate and share her with family and friends; Something I didn't get a chance to do because of the circumstances surrounding my pregnancy.
Her ceremony dress was gifted to us and bought about 3 months prior to her birth, and the party dress was courtesy of one of her God-mothers.
At the end of the ceremony  we were given a bible with our daughter's name beautifully engraved on it along with the Dedication Certificate.
I copied her new born foot print record and added a photo of her then framed it as a  gift to her God-parents and grand-parents.


The beautiful balloon decor was done by her other god-mother and we all celebrated with  food, drinks and cake.


Thanks to everyone who contributed and came out to celebrate our precious daughter!!!