The Key To Great Bridal Makeup


Part of what I do as a communications strategist is help my clients look and feel their best. So between writing blog post like this one and working on strategic plans, I help clients discover their own unique personal style. Helping them feel confident and stylish. I offer a range of services helping them to feel confident and stylish — be it a professional shoot or just a night out.

I often come across many brides-to-be who have never worn or have worn very little makeup, so they tend to approach the process apprehensively.  My personal opinion, "every bride should wear makeup!" Read Wedding Day Beauty.

The key to great bridal makeup is to look like yourself but a more glamorous version of you. When you walk down the aisle you want your husband-to-be, family and friends be able to recognize you.  The trick to bridal makeup is simple elegance with a soft and romantic feel.


My Bridal Makeup Tips 

  • During your trial it is best to wear a white top to get a feel of how the colors will look — colored tops will change the look of the makeup colors or palette.

  • Your hair and makeup should not compete with the dress but complement it.

  • Makeup should be appropriate for the time of day - daytime calls for a more softer look while night calls for something a little stronger.

  • Make sure you have the same lip color to touch up lips (to solve this problem I usually gift my brides the lip color used).


My Bridal Makeup Buddies

Primer is my first good old buddy, it prepares the skin to receive the makeup by filling pores and fine lines leaving the skin smooth for makeup to glide on effortlessly, as well as helps makeup to last longer. I have several in my kit: MAC Prep + PrimeNYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer, and Black Radiance Complexion Perfection

Weddings means tears, so I always make sure to use waterproof mascara for my brides. My favorite is the Maybelline New York Great Lash.

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