Rediscovering My Truth...

I was reflecting on some photos of myself, remembering how slim and trim I use to be.  The gym was my favorite place, I worked out on a regular basis and every weekend I was playing netball and or basketball.  I loved the burn!  But of course that was until I started focusing more on taking care of my family (husband and kids) ultimately neglecting self.  I know now that not having time or being too busy was an excuse, because we all make time for things that we deem important to us.

Like most of you, over the years I gradually packed on the pounds. I woke up one morning and I was no longer the slim and trim Nicole I once was;  which brought on phases of self doubt, insecurities and lowered self esteem. After giving birth to my daughter in January of this year, I decided I'm over mourning my old body and it was now time to embrace a curvy more healthier me - a body that is not necessarily thin but strong and powerful. As I would tell my clients, I was going to stop focusing on the negative and appreciate what makes me different.
The July issue of Essence focused on loving your body and being healthy. The editorial "Be Healthy At Every Size," was an inspiration. The article set out to prove and did, that healthy comes in many different sizes, reminding me that healthy can't be judged on how you look or how much you weigh.  Over all health is a combination of physical, mental and spiritual, as well as a daily process of conscious consistent healthy lifestyle habits and exercise.
Don't compare yourself to unattainable paradigms, just cultivate healthy thoughts, a positive attitude, and work at being the best and healthiest you  you can be!
Like little Parker (the daughter of MSNBC anchor Melissa Harris-Perry) in the July Essence article "MY Daughter, Myself"  puts it...
"Being smart, funny and kind is more important than being thin."
Be sure to get your copy of the July's issue of Essence and check out Serena Williams and India Arie 's personal stories of self love.
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What are your secrets to having a positive body and self image?