Embrace Time For Your Best Life

Embrace Time For Your Best Life

As women we  spend so much time running through the day, taking care of others, filling every second with everything other than than "I" or "Me" with tender loving care and thought.  We read self-help books, watch "Dr. Oz", Oprah, feed off of the wisdom of Dr. Wayne Dyer, inspired by Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, and TD Jakes;  but we not actually practice all that we learn and inspired by when it comes to self.

We can't properly take care of anyone else or anything else if we don't take care of ourselves and work on being the best possible individual we can be.  No more such thing as "I do not have time for myself!"  as your new mantra will be "I love myself, I deserve the best and I have time for me". 

Suggestions Go to bed 30 minutes earlier each night, so you can rise 30 minutes earlier. The intent is to awake before the rest of the family does. Use this time to stretch and breathe deeply then make a cup of tea, a juice or water and sit quietly in a comfortable space for the remaining time (no reading, no phones, no ipads or ipods, no computers, no negative thoughts).  This will center your body and your mind, putting you in a position to embrace the day as opposed to "attacking " the day.

Cannot do the go to bed early, wake early thing?  Then take 30 minutes out of your day (not your lunch break) to sit quietly in a space where you won't be interrupted by the phone, co-workers, gossip, or the children.  Clear your mind and meditate, pray, or just sit quietly.  If your mind begins to flood with unwanted thoughts - a shopping list, a to do list - begin to pray a structured prayer (The Lord's Prayer, 23rd Psalm is suggested, or repeat the mantra "I love myself, I deserve the best & I have time for me").

Is bedtime a better time to capture a "Me" moment?  Run a bath (with scented oils and possibly bubbles),  light a few scented candles, bring your favorite healthy beverage, then pour your body into the tub.  No tub?  Place a chair with a soft towel in your bathroom, fill a basin with hot water, scented oils, place your feet in the basin and relax.  The water should be warm enough to engage your feet, the scent should place you into the bliss of relaxation.  Sip tea or wine, close your eyes and Enjoy! These little 30 minutes moments will make all the difference in your attitude, your outlook, your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.  It will allow you to feel and see all that is beautiful in you and around you.  You never know - You may graduate to an HOUR!

  Share what you would like to do with your "30 Minute Moment." 

Contributed By: Denise G. Hanney, CEO and founder of The Spa Expectations Corporation and member of  my Advisory Board.
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