Norma Kamali a Catalyst for Social Change

I first met this iconic New York fashion designer back in 2003 when I became an intern at her New York flagship store and headquarters. A red-head at the time - she seemed pretty intimidating until I got a chance to get to know her.  Norma Kamali is known for inventing styles that has influenced trends - clothing made from parachutes, the sleeping bag coat, and the high heeled sneaker.
Norma Kamali has demonstrated innovation not just through design but even in the way she markets her brand and sells her clothing.  She came up with her "try before you buy" service giving customers the opportunity to shop like a celebrity by deciding what they would like to keep and buy in the privacy of their own home.
Kamali's philosophy  has been to promote self esteem for women and wellness for the entire family.  Through this philosophy she has always aimed to design clothes that would empower women and incorporated a wellness collection which is a lifestyle concept for the entire family.
Now Kamali is going even further in her campaign and is challenging the universal behavior of objectification to  help empower women through their experiences and begin to redefine ideas of beauty.  To aide in this social change campaign Kamali has created a short film "Hey Baby'  (see below) and launched a website, where women can share their stories and have open dialog.
In an interview with Teen Vogue Kamali shared one of her experiences: 
"During my first job interview after I graduated from FIT, the man interviewing me asked me to put my portfolio down and turn around for him. I was humiliated and embarrassed. I was objectified, and I never told anybody this story until recently."  (Read rest of interview here)
Thumps up to Norma Kamali for empowering women to understand that their power is greater than just a body part!
Check out the Hey Baby Video below and tell me what you think.