Inside My Memorial Weekend & Baby's First Foods

Inside My Memorial Weekend & Baby's First Foods


Happy Memorial Day, y'all!  After this post, I am totally relaxing today. I may even take a stroll with the little one down to the BAM Dance Africa Bazaar to check out the diverse cultural heritage of the African, Caribbean, and African-American diaspora, in Brooklyn. I finally made it to church yesterday after a couple of weeks absence, the topic "The Spirit of Marriage and Our Children."  My take away, "we need to foster in our children a respect for God through the spirit of marriage, the things we do and how we conduct ourselves."

Speaking of children, my baby girl (now a little under a week shy of 5 months) started eating solids this weekend. I guess she figured she was not getting left out on the grub this memorial day. The rule of thumb is to introduce solids between 4 and 6 months.  Usually your baby will alert you when he or she is ready. Baby would be fascinated with watching you eat and also start to reach for your food, or still hungry after feeding.

Once baby is ready, start off with pureed foods and cereals. Rice cereal is suggested first, as it's less or not likely to cause allergies and it also provides a valuable source of iron.  However, here a few awesome options.

This is the cereal I introduced to my precious little one.  I also like this packaging better than the others, as it creates less mess and makes for easy travel. Just mix 1 to 2 tablespoon of cereal with 4 to 5 tablespoon of breast milk or formula and stir until soupy.)

Give solids twice a day followed by breast milk or formula for the first couple of months.  Some babies may not do so well, but be patient.  If baby is under 6 months try again in a couple of days, if 6 months continue until baby is comfortable.


Do Note:

  • Always wait four to five days before introducing another food, this will help identify an allergy and the food that caused it.

  • Continue breast or formula feedings with solids.

  • When baby starts to spit out food or turn away their head he or she is done eating.

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