Review: OWN Refining Moisture Night Cream

As a sleep deprived mom, wife, and extremely busy woman-preneur my already acne proned skin gets really stressed.  So when I got the opportunity to review the OWN Refining Moisture Night Cream through IFABBO I was excited!
If you are in the "beauty know," then you're aware of how important it is to have a night skin care routine.  At night is when the skin goes through its cell regeneration and as a result the skin is more receptive to treatments. Which means, having a great anti-aging night cream is necessary for helping to counteract the damage done to the skin - which causes pre-mature aging.
OWN is  a skin health company that believes in the holistic approach to empowering beautiful skin.  Their clinically proven products are retinol free, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) formulated and designed to work with your body's unique biochemistry.  The products boost collagen levels, metabolism, skin turnover, hydrates, and improves moisture retention.
I wasn't sure how the product was going to work for me because of my oily skin type. But after using it I can feel confident saying this is a great product for all skin types, especially if you have dry skin.  
My skin - which I already noted - is acne proned so I have blemishes that I noticed got clearer after only about 3 weeks of using (see their improvement chart below).  The product also renewed my skin by  improving the texture and quality, leaving younger looking results.  I liked that the product absorbed quickly with no stickiness, leaving my skin feeling smooth to the touch.
Clinical Results: Skin Improvement Chart
 The product retails for $24.99 is available on the OWN website, Ulta locations, and Amazon.
They even have an App for in depth skin analysis, it helps measure and track your skin's health. You can download the app in iTunes or Google Play; just search for "My Own."
Thumps up to OWN, for empowering beautiful skin!!