My Journey to a Happier Healthier Life!

Since this month's theme for my both my private and business life is "Overall Health and Fitness," - physical, spiritual, fiscal, social, and mental fitness - I thought this post was fitting to share.
Last year was quite a year for me, it was filled with  both ups and downs, and sometimes it felt more like downs - there were some difficult times.  But with 2012 now behind me, in 2013, I'm looking forward to "chasing my dreams and  making my life a masterpiece,"  by finding strength through my commitment to identify and leverage my unique strengths to serve and create value for others
Since becoming a new mom again I've been charting my own course to success by celebrating my own uniqueness and staying true to myself.  I'm learning to love and accept ME which means no more second guessing myself, no more taking anyone's crap, owning my beauty, staying in tune with my body, getting serious about my health, knowing my value, creating a wealth vision, and nurturing my creative power.
Here are some ways I'm keeping myself motivated and powered up!
Essence Magazine Cover
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            I love reading Essence as the articles and contents inspire me to stay true to myself and live my life without limits.

When things get tough, this song "No Weapon Formed Against Me" by Fred Hammond reminds me to keep giving thanks because God will do what He said he will do.
No Excuse! I'm Doing It
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 "No Excuse! I'm Doing It" by Jay Rifenbary reminds me that if I want some things to change in my life, then I need to change some things in my life!
Look fashionable wile working out
 Oxygen is my go to magazine when it comes to women's fitness and diet regimen, it inspires me to get fit in a positive and healthy way.
Christian Cultural Center Choir
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 Sunday morning worship and service - at CCC (Christian Cultural Center)  where pastor A. R. Bernard teaches balanced Christian growth - renews my spirit and prepares for the week ahead.
"Your success as a person in charge of your own life begins the moment you plan a strategy to meet and overcome the forces that oppose you," -Jay Rifenbary.
What are your strategies to overcome???