When to Replace Your Makeup and Beauty Products

 Unlike skin care products that contains drugs, FDA regulations does not require an expiration date on makeup or cosmetics. And besides the more obvious signs, your makeup does have a shelf life once they are opened.  After a while, makeup and beauty products will either stop performing the same or they become a breathing ground for bacteria which causes irritations or infections. Makeup that contains water or is liquid in nature is a reservoir for bacteria; which gives powders much longer shelf life, unless they get wet or they contain botanical ingredients (water). Anything used near the eye area (which is very sensitive due to the mucus membranes), is more susceptible to contamination. Products containing anti-aging benefits deteriorate at a quicker rate, than those without.
A timeline for replacing your makeup and beauty products. #makeuptips #beasutytips


Makeup & beauty products timeline

The life of your products can certainly be prolonged by storing in cool areas out of sun and away from moisture, using disposable tools, washing your fingers before touching, opting for products with a pump, allowing as little water and air into products, cleaning and sanitizing tools regularly. In-between use clean brushes with 70% alcohol. And my ultimate tip, if you’re in doubt, it smells or looks funny then it's time for it to go!

  • Skin care: 6 months, 1 year if in a pump bottle
  • Anti-aging Products: 6 months
  • Powders: 2 years
  • Mascara: 3 months
  • Bronzer: 2 years
  • Lipstick: 1 year
  • Lip-gloss: 1 year
  • Lip-liner: 2 years
  • Sunscreen: 6 months
  • Fragrance: 2 years or more
  • Hair Products: 1 year
  • Nail Polish:  Up to 1 years
  • Eyeliner: 3 months (liquid), 1 year (pencil)
  • Eye Shadow: 3 months (cream), 1 to 2 years (powder)
  • Foundation: 6 months (liquid), 1 year (powder or stick)
  • Concealer:  1 year (liquid),  up to 2 years (powder or stick)
  • Blush: 1 year (cream), 2 years (powder)
  • Sponge: cleanse in-between use, toss after 1 month
  • Brushes: when the bristles are frayed or starts to fall out, cleanse in-between use
  • Natural (Botanical) Products: undefined but shorter than its counterparts

Tell us, what is your best unorthodox way of prolonging your makeup or beauty products?