Review: Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula


This past year I once again transitioned to natural hair. So I've been experimenting with a variety of hair-care products; as well as following my favorite hair blogs (Black Hair Information and Curly Nikki), in search of tips and resources to aid the process.

While out shopping in Walmart, I came across the  Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula line. I'm a believer in any with coconut oil, so I thought why not!

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots Spray: Moisturizes and revitalizes hair and scalp. #haircare

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots Spray: This product moisturizes and revitalizes hair and scalp, soothes tightness and itch. $4.47                                                                    

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Strong Moisture Gro: Lightweight hair-dress that strengthens and protects damaged hair. #haircare

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Moisture Gro - This is a lightweight hair-dress that strengthens and protects damaged hair, smooths and moisturizes hair making it glossy without the greasiness. $4.57  

These products are formulated with coconut oil, coconut milk, vitamin E and olive oil.  See how healthy my hair looks!? The product left my hair really moisturized and soft without feeling greasy.  

This look is a basic two strand twist out.


Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula is great for any hair type. I also it used on my daughter's damaged and chemically processed hair. The result, eliminated frizz, revitalized and replenished hair.  These products were a great find, and I loved the results I got.

By the way... the Moisture Gro also makes for a great skin moisturizer.

Thumbs up Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula!!

Which of my look do you like the best?