Product Review: DIY Foot Care

I have been complaining so much about my feet needing some attention - due to my extensive bed rest - that during the holidays my husband gifted me the Beauty Chic Pedicure Spa Kit.  I know, he could have just gotten a professional to give me a home session - but the point is he wanted to pamper his then pregnant wife's feet himself.
The kit will tend to be more for individuals with delicate or sensitive feet, and those who get regular professional pedicures - it doesn't replace pro-pedis but it sure will prolong them, especially if you are on a budget.  Many may find it not as powerful but the kit is not meant for heavily calloused feet but more so for maintainance.

I found that better results were achieved when feet were soaked and pumice used to remove calloused areas before using rotary tools.  As for my final results, the kit left my feet about 85% smoother and softer than they were before.  So with regular use I would say the Beauty Chic Pedicure Spa Kit is a fair buy for just under $20.

This fashionably packaged DIY kit comes complete with varied accessories for an in the comfort of your own home experience, and a bonus pouch for travel or easy storage.  The 9-piece kit includes;
1 Battery Operated Rotary Tool
(2 "AA" batteries included)
1 Medium Buffing Disc
1 Detailing Buffing Disc
1 Exfoliating Brush
1 Pedicure Brush
1 Pumice Stone
2 Toe Separators
1 Nail Clipper
A Storage Pouch
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