I Resolve...

Its that time! When we set our intentions to align with our desires for the future. The time when we assess the past and envision the future. For me, with a new baby on the way, a household to run, two businesses, and a blog to manage, it is easy to get carried away with resolutions that I won't keep.  So instead I will make one promise to myself and list several actions that will help me accomplish that goal. Whether you see yourself as a fashionista, or you just want to be in the know, you too can use these great tips to glam up and celebrate the unique you!

My promise for 2013 - "I resolve to reveal the best me!" by: 1. Enhancing my beauty - brighten and remove dull skin by exfoliating twice weekly - hydrate skin not just by moisturizing but by also drinking more H2O - using extensions and wigs to protect natural kinks from heat and chemicals - increase omega-3 and antioxidant intake to help promote healthy hair and skin and fight free radicals

2. Expressing my own unique style - know your lifestyle - figure out your personal style - wear styles that compliment body type and assets - wear colors that compliment skin tone - assess current closet for wardrobe essentials or must haves

3. Living well - create a vision board - keep health in check by eating well and taking care of you - invest in a rich circle of friends - find time to meditate to help alleviate stress