Fresh Faced: Beauty in its Natural Form

Fresh Faced: Beauty in its Natural Form


As I flipped through my favorite magazines it dawned on me…As a makeup artist, I spend most of my time applying technical applications to clients' faces to create perfectly painted looks of beauty.  But how many times are those looks created to show women how to appreciate their best features while at the same time showcasing natural, UN-retouched, healthy-looking skin that sparkle?

So this one is for you if you’re seeking for a realistic paired-down way of looking beautiful and fresh faced. But before I get started here are two key tips for you.

  • Exfoliate twice weekly to remove dead skin cells

  • Well shaped eye brows improves a look

Get this fresh faced makeup look. #beauty

Get this fresh faced look

  1. Bypass the concealer and perfect complexion by blending Revlon Colorstay foundation with moisturizer for luminous and flawless skin.

  2. Sweep a golden eye color across eye lids and into creases.

  3. Highlight brow-bone with bone colored eye shadow.

  4. Fill-in brows using a brow brush and dark brown (matte) eye shadow.

  5. Line upper lash line only with dark brown eye pencil.

  6. Curl lashes and Lash Out with Maybelline NYBlackest Black Mascara applied to upper and lower lashes.

  7. Lightly brush a translucent powder to set or skip the powder.

  8. Dust MAC Peaches Sheertone Blush onto cheeks.

  9. Play up lips by applying Black Radiance Whisper Pink lip color.

BK Fashion WeekEnd Fall/Winter 2013

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