My Virtual Donation to PINK RIBBON

You may or may not have a personal history with breast cancer, but you want to know what you can do to stay clear of it or to lower your risk of the cancer coming back. Visit to get informed, educated and find out how you can help reduce your risk.
The PINKRIBBON International organization have been doing a great job of bringing about Awareness, Alignment, Advocacy, Acreditation, and Alliances to help suppoprt the fight and research of this disease.  Of all revenues made by PinkRibbon, they allocate a minimum of 90 % to breast cancer research and service with the remaining 10% allocated to cover internal administrative costs.
In support of this cause I am making my virtual donation by placing hyperlinks to the PINKRIBBON website.  Every link is considered  $1 attributed to the cause, I am urging you to do the same. 
So please share with your friends the apportunity to make a virtual donation and link to PINK RIBBON by creating a pink link to