Connecting with myself: More Clarity for an abundant life

Today has been a day of reflection and as I read Oprah's Lifeclass newsletter in my email I couldn't help but to reflect on one of the sermons from church - that it takes, commitment and depth to change, and doing so despite what others may say or think. It takes real power to recognize your season and not just say it is but to embrace it and take action.
Since I was placed on bed rest I have been taking a deep meaningful look at my life. I found that I was looking to grow and evolve at a higher level, and that meant I had to be fully aware and really honest with myself about who I am, what I want, and what I value. So how was I going to do that? ...By confronting my fears rather than running from them, investing in a rich circle of friends, giving from my essence and not from a role, expressing myself freely and boldly, and loving and accepting myself. 
My lessons: To realize that while God is the author of my life I was the one who colors it with my dreams, beliefs and actions. To live my life with purpose, a strong sense of self, and gratitude for greater abundance.