Are You Ready For Thanksgiving?

Photo by  Element5 Digital  on  Unsplash

It has been a difficult year for many: some are still trying to recover from natural disasters, some mourning a loved one, some feeling stuck in a rut, while others are just trying to make ends meet. Yet in the midst of such trying times there are still so much to be grateful for. It is easy to focus on the lacking and the things that we don't have, but GRATITUDE helps us to stay on the course of life, and not get taken out by all the negative stuff.

If for you it seems as though you can't think of a thing you can be grateful for, get a pen and paper and let’s do a little exercise. Start by writing down all the good and positive things in your life--start with the easy ones. For example: even though things may not be the best, I have life, two beautiful daughters, among other things.  Isn't it amazing how many things I still have to be thankful for?

So with a grateful heart I say "THANK YOU TO MY GOD!"  And I hope that you too, find things to be thankful for this year.