Defining Moments


“Familiar doesn't have to mean mundane—if you can jostle yourself out of autopilot, the everyday can be sublime.” - Antoinette Portis

It has been a really hectic past six months balancing life in these economic times: taking care of home, running two businesses, and like any other family paying down debts. Then you pee on that little stick and guess what? Throw pregnancy in the middle of it all!

They say every pregnancy is different and I really believe that now.  When I was pregnant with my first daughter (15 years at the time of this post), it was like the easiest pregnancy ever.  This time, yes expecting another girl, it is so different.  For my entire first trimester food and smells were my nemesis - I couldn't keep anything down. My family hates me because they can’t eat or cook anything around me.

Now that I have somewhat stand up to one nemesis, another presents itself - cervical shortening. Cervical shortening is basically when the cervix starts to soften, shorten and open up (dilate) preparing for labor. This is something no woman wants to happen too early before their due date. Today I write this blog from my hospital bed, as my doctor has me on strict bed rest with medication. My family say to think of it has a vacation, but on a vacation you can leisurely do whatever you please. Anyhow, my baby girl and I are doing great, my fam is holding down the home front (great to see the teenage daughter stepping up),  and my business partners stepped up.

I’m making the best of this experience, as it's reshaping my perspective.  I believe that God is drawing me closer to him teaching me to trust people more but especially Him.