Wedding Invitations Made Easy


The invitation is the first impression your guests receive, and it sets the tone for your celebration.  Your invitation tells the guest what the style and level of formality will be.  

When choosing a design, keep in mind how much information you will need to include while keeping it simple and tasteful.  Traditionally, the host is usually the person paying for the wedding and the name listed first on the invitation.

Envelope tradition for formal invitations is that you have both an inner and outer envelope (but the choice is yours). Also note, that outer envelopes are usually hand-written to ensure your guests will open rather than discard as unimportant mail. If you're using both an inner and outer envelope, address the outer envelope to the primary guest, then write all invited guest names on the inner envelope.

Invitations made easy: Wedding invitation ettiquette and schedule. #weddingtips

Schedule for invitation

Now that we have gotten the formalities out of the way, here is the schedule for sending out your invitations.

2 to 3 months in advance: order invitations

Up to 3 months in advance: mail save-the-date

6 to 8 weeks in advance: mail invitation

3 to 4 weeks in advance: mail rehearsal dinner invitation

Components of an Invitation

Save the Date:  This is used when the event will be held out of town, during a holiday, or if you will have out of town guests.

Invitation: The stationery centerpiece inviting the guest to the ceremony (and reception if held at the same venue).

Response card: This is for your guest to send their reply and or indicate their meal choice. Also includes a pre-addressed and stamped envelope.

Reception card: this is sent when the reception is held at a separate location from the ceremony.

Map and or directions: This is if a map or direction is needed, especially when you have out of town guests.

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