A Resilient Future


Some of the pleasures of doing my job are being invited to events, trying products, giveaways, and more.

I spent the weekend judging a Ms. Jr. Pre-Teen & Teen Pageant.  The goal of the pageant is to "empower and encourage young ladies to succeed by enhancing our children's self-confidence and self-esteem."  There was no talent or swimwear, just the highlighting of their inner beauty.  I got a chance to meet and interview each of the junior pre-teens (ages 7 -9) contestants.  Most if not all said they wanted to meet new friends and build confidence... of course the confidence part is pretty much coming from their parents.

These babies  were amazing and brilliant. The only problem is, when they don't win sometimes it can stifle the very confidence their parents are trying to build; that is if not approached correctly.  So, I plead with parents to always give your kids positive reinforcement. Praise your children for their effort and their hard work, but not for their results.  This will foster the ability to persevere when things don't come together as easily as they would sometimes expect.  Teach our children to associate achievement with hard work and not just results.