SPRING HAS SPRUNG: tips for a refreshing you


Hi y'all..! I know  its been a while but what better time to post a blog about renewal but on the first days of spring. Male or female, as we embrace a new season bare these tips in mind to help bring forth a more refreshing you.

Tip #1 Male or Female: Exfoliate skin (from head to toes) at least twice per week to encourage clearer, softer, smoother skin.

Tip #2 Male or female: Use a toner to remove unwanted oil and minimize irritation.

Tip #3 Female: Use playful yet light colors (peach, pink, apricot) to brighten up your face and add freshness.

Tip #4 Female: Opt for black mascara for your upper lashes and brown for the lower,  this gives a softer touch.

Tip #5 Female: Choose lightweight foundations and only apply where needed for a more natural finish

Tip #6 Male: Shave downwards to avoid irritating the skin and ingrown hair.

Tip #7 Male or female:  Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.  The best place to keep lotion is in your bathroom, so you can moisturize the body while still damp.

No matter your lifestyle - choose where you want to start - work on that one thing, then come back to find more information that can work for you.