Balancing Strength with Softness


Most of my time is devoted to playing the biggest roles of my life...woman-preneur and homemaker.  That is writing blogs like this one, planning weddings and events, helping my husband to put financial strategies in place for clients, consulting and taking care of home. OK, let me rephrase that....Although ALL my time is dedicated to being woman-preneur and homemaker, I love to get dolled up and be the sexy, glamorous queen that I am. So today I am sharing my beauty and wellness products that helps me feel fabulous inside out.

BOLD LIP COLORS helps to brighten up my face and draws attention to my luscious lips.

BLACK MASCARA amplifies my lashes.  This is a beauty must have (try Maybeline in the pink tube)

CLEAN EATING helps to bring my health and fitness goals to a whole new level.

ALMONDS helps to curb appetite and abdominal fat buildup.

CLA 500 is a specifically formulated supplement that helps me to support my healthy weight goals of losing fat, not muscle.

FOUNDATION, my second skin. This helps to even out my skin tone (my pick Covergirl Queen collection.)

SEXY HEELS helps me to feel flirty and gives me that femme-fatale.


SMILE, Dale Carnegie's 5th rule of How to Win Friends and Influence People.