Personal Branding: Creating Degrees of Separation


It is said that whatever you water grows, and this year I will focus my energies on watering my goals. I resolve to create degrees of separation in my personal and professional life, by extracting myself from the shadows, and focus on building a strong personal brand. Personal branding today is a vital element for marketing one's self and or business. It is what will make you stand out in the crowd - be it your career or as a business owner. Personal branding is an easy way of increasing one's success, well that is if you are career minded. Even CEOs of major companies have realized that the corporation's name alone won't hold up. So they have been including the practice of personal branding to help uncover retention and increase engagement. But where do you start in this personal branding quest?  Well, first you will need to be clear and concise about who you are, your values, what set you apart, as well as what makes you relevant. Then align your communications both on and offline to convey that to the world. The key once clear, is to be consistent.

My goal this year is to use personal branding to maximize and energize myself, by coupling my passions, key attributes, and strengths with my value proposition, communicated in a clear message that differentiates my unique promise of value that will resonate with others.  I will exert my power of energy for the realization of my purpose.

How are you creating degrees of separation?