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Nicole's Lifestyle Lounge is always excited to collaborate with big and small brands and organizations to create great editorial experiences for both our readers and partners. Our content is customized to fit each campaign, and we try our best to keep a balance between curated storytelling and paid content. Plus, our brand partners must meet our exacting standards of addressing the needs of our readers. Options include sponsored content, features with styling and full photography, social media campaigns, giveaways, ambassador programs, customized activations /live events, and video content.

Key partners have included: Intuit Quickbooks, Dreft, Johnson's, Pinnacle Vodka, Target, Hornitos Tequila, Macy's, Olay, Blood Systems, Mazda, and more.

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The readers of Nicole's Lifestyle Lounge are ambitious college-educated, career-driven and digitally savvy women. They are smart, fierce have agency, and are not afraid to take risk and go after what they want. These ladies prioritize personal development, career growth, self-care, financial stability, and family. They don't mind making a well worth it investment, but is also willing to few extra dollars where needed.

The NLLMag reader is ambitious, college-educated and career-driven.

We believe in creating great editorials for an engaging experience and customized socially responsible and ethical campaigns for both our readers and the brands we partner with. 

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