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Nicole's Lifestyle Lounge (NLL) was founded by Nicole Williams, a entrepreneur, event & wedding planner, brand & communications strategist. NLL is a lifestyle site that holistically inspire and encourage the multicultural woman, shape her life and evolve with her as she grows through beauty, fashion, health, food, film, photography, event planning, and arts and culture. Through our online content, podcast and events we reach hundreds of thousands of women (professionals and entrepreneurs alike) to improve their lives.

If you're looking to reach working women, moms and entrepreneurs, partnering with Nicole's Lifestyle Lounge is a great option. We're easy to work with, and we understand how to bring your brand's story to life through engaging creatives that our audience will want to read, watch and listen to and search engines won't ignore. We also share our content with syndication partners including Apple News, FlipBoard, BlogHer, SheKnows, She Speaks, as well as a Huffington Post contributor.


Editorial Sponsorship

High-impact contextual brand placement which seamlessly amplifies your brand message in content, created by Nicole's Lifestyle Lounge Staff, contributors and influencer network - shared with our syndicated partners. A sample editorial sponsorship post is here.


Branded Content

We create stories on your brand's behalf authentically and seamlessly weaved into our content for the Nicole's Lifestyle Lounge audience. It is shared on social media, included in our weekly email newsletter, our weekly podcast and shared with our syndication partners. A sample branded content is here.


Sponsored Review

A review of your brand, product, and/or service including an overview of the product based on our experience, why it fits into the life of our readers, and what it costs. Review is shared on social media, included in our weekly email newsletter and shared with our syndication partners. If you would like a non-sponsored review, please note our review & gifting terms and conditions under which we do those.


Social Amplification

This is a great way promote across social media channels and reap the benefits of increase in brand awareness.  This program includes:

  • Pre-event marketing to our community
  • Live event social commentary
  • Post-event marketing


Branded Events

Events and experiences produced and/or hosted by Nicole's Lifestyle Lounge, contributors and influencer network.


Sponsored Video

We create a video that is engaging, shareable and ALSO showcases your product/service in a way that enhances engagement. It is shared on social on media, included in our weekly email newsletter.


Community Campaigns

#FabulouslyFearless prompts, features, and curation produced by Nicole's Lifestyle Lounge.


Speaking Commissions (live and in-person)

Nicole Williams, Editor of Nicole's Lifestyle Lounge have spoken in several many capacities. See her bio at - Contact Nicole to speak at your next in-person conference.

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