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My passion is building personal brands, while my purpose is building women, so this blog (Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge™) has become my classroom where fabulously fearless™ go-getters attempting to balance life and career seamlessly, can get a glimpse of my evolving life and point of view. You will find that I’m a little controversial, somewhat edgy and always fly.

But my story is simple. I love inspiring women and girls to help them understand their power, and work to ensure women's voices are heard by changing the conversation.

This space serves as a place for multicultural women, providing the tools to navigate your life, master your style and empower you to follow your dream; all while blazing a trail of advocacy on critical issues that deeply impact the lives of women.

We want to be your BFF and your advocate

We believe in the beauty of diversity and inclusion, while coloring outside the lines through a platform that women could relate to, no matter the stage of life she is in. This site has evolved from a personal blog into a platform that holistically inspires and encourages the multicultural woman, shapes her life, provides, solutions and strategies needed to thrive in at work, in business and at home.  We call it “Power-ing Your Happy”.

Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge™ brings style and substance to #FabulouslyFearless women all over the globe; who are comfortable in their own skin, paving their own paths, defying stereotypes, and breaking glass ceilings. And, whether in New York, United Kingdom or Canada, our content is always warm and inviting.

Welcome to Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge™!

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Hello Gorgeous!

My Brand: full-time mom, full-time Communications Rock Star.

I’m Editor-In-Chief, Brand & Communications Catalyst and master at Planning beautiful events. I spend my days creating content about fashion and makeup, lifestyle, weddings, and insta-worthy photos for like-minded women -- to make their life more fun. I grew up in Jamaica, West Indies, moved to NYC, and wanted to work in fashion. While in college, I freelanced as a makeup artist, personal stylist and event planner. I graduated with a degree in Fashion Marketing, and then gained a certification as a Professional Bridal Consultant. After years of working in fashion and entertainment, I figured out how to turn my passions into a profit. Today I’m a mom of two daughters, the Founder and Creative Director at Nicole Williams Collective, LLC, and is currently working on a degree in Communications with a focus in Visual & Media Studies. I'm also a contributor at The Huffington Post, a co-host of the Open Conversations podcast, is a BlogHer Social Media Influencer, and a SheKnows Expert Among Us.

When I started Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge back in 2012, my goal was simple: share my work to help me grow my style business. While pregnant with my second daughter, I learned how to build a blog as a brand. Since that time, it has been a remarkably journey - and the best part, is that it allows me to do what I love.


 Some of the brands I've worked with includes:

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Advertiser and sponsors of Nicole's Lifestyle Lounge
Advertiser and sponsors of Nicole's Lifestyle Lounge

Learning how to build a brand and a blog gave Nicole the tools to reinvent her life while she was confined to her hospital bed during a high risk pregnancy. Through her business, she helps women who are looking for a makeover for their own life, career, or business. Most of all, Nicole enjoys the freedom to be a stay at home mom for her daughters while building a successful lifestyle brand. - Female Entrepreneur Association


"Raising my daughters to be strong women who will fight for gender equality."

- Nicole M. Williams

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