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Whether you are seeking information on beauty, relationship advice or career tips--we are there for you. We strive to be women who live with purpose and passion. As women, we face many life experiences that leave us exhausted, but we are here as a source to stand in the gap, support and help you get recharged.

We're here to use our voice to help you make informed, educated decisions on how to live a life of purpose. Let us curate solutions that inspire, entertain, inform and educate real women.

Multicultural women check in with us looking for the scoop on fashion trends, entertainment news, parenting tips, beauty secrets, career and entrepreneurial advice. 




NLL MAG seeks to ignite multicultural women who dare to be their best, and inspire them to design a life with purpose.

"As women we have to deal with many life experiences that leave us exhausted. So I’m making it my business to use my voice to help women develop the confidence they need to be fabulously fearless and achieve their personal best." - Nicole Williams



Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge is packed with style, lifestyle, career and personal development tips aimed at helping ambitious women live a life that’s purposeful and enjoyable. You’ll find regular features for living well and making the most out of life's opportunities, profiles of inspiring Fabulously Fearless go-getters, wellness tips, fashion trend alerts, gift guides and giveaways.

We try our best to keep a balance between curated storytelling and sponsored content. Plus, our brand partners must meet our exacting standards of addressing the needs of our readers.



Nicole M Williams, Influencer, Cretaive Director, Event & Wedding Planner

Hailing from the beautiful island of Jamaica, Nicole Williams spent a decade working in the fashion industry before launching Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge. After being placed on bed-rest with her second daughter in 2012, she poured herself into rebranding herself and blog. It turned out that Nicole loved creating and had a voice that was waiting to be unleashed. Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge filled her need to create and share her personal journey of overcoming adversity and the best of being a woman while amplifying other women’s voice. Since the launch in 2012, Nicole has remained passionate about creating content for fabulously fearless go-getters.

She is a mom, event planner, strategic communication catalyst, brand ambassador and speaker. As an influencer, Nicole aims to inspire other women to know their worth. The FabulouslyFearless.co is Nicole’s first product offering, followed by The Purposeful Living Planner a productivity workbook for women who are struggling with how to fit it all in with family. 

She has a Marketing degree and is currently pursuing a Communications degree with a focus in Visual & Media Studies, has two beautiful girls, and is in a enriching relationship. When she's not creating content, you can find her spending time with family and the boo or planning her clients next big wedding or event.




Founder & Editorial Director: Nicole Williams nicole@nicolewilliamspr.com

Copy Editor & Podcast Cohost: Rodney Carter rodneyc@rodneycartermusic.com



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Learning how to build a brand and a blog gave Nicole the tools to reinvent her life while she was confined to her hospital bed during a high risk pregnancy. Through her business, she helps women who are looking for a makeover for their own life, career, or business. Most of all, Nicole enjoys the freedom to be a stay at home mom for her daughters while building a successful lifestyle brand. - Female Entrepreneur Association

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