Inspiring her to live a beautiful and empowered life, inside and out. #MLLmag

The Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge™ (#NLLMag) is a guide to inspiring her to live a beautiful and empowered life, inside and out. Launched by Nicole Williams Collective in 2012, the site brings our growing readership proof that the empowered lifestyle is a stylish one.

The Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge™ curates the best of what is happening in style, healthy living, career and professional development, and lifestyle to help her navigate her career and life.

The NLLMag woman is Fabulously Fearless™. She’s the expecting college grad, the career woman, the boss woman.

She strives to become her best self. She is strong, smart, outspoken, curious, and unapologetically ambitious about redefining success on her own terms.

She is passionate about her dreams, her family, and her life. She wants to learn everything she needs to succeed from career advice to lifestyle tips, prioritizing time for herself and everything in between.

She’s the working woman or the stay-at-home mom, who wants to be informed, entertained, and inspired.





Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge serves to ignite the resourceful and ambitious woman, who is open to new things, strives to be her best, and believes that when people of diverse backgrounds come together, the solutions are enriched.

Being a FEMINIST does not equate to me ‘not needing a man.’ Yes I’m strong, demonstrate femininity, ferocity, knows my own agency and power. I know when to stand firm and when to stand down. My success does not take away from his success, it just increases our empire. Being a feminist simply means, I know my value and bring more to the table. I’m here overcoming challenges to achieve my dreams, and being the change so my daughters can accomplish more because I existed.
— Nicole M. Williams
  Nicole M Williams, Influencer, Cretaive Director, Event & Wedding Planner

Nicole is a mother, businesswoman, communications maven, and expert event planner residing in Brooklyn, NY. She's a savvy storyteller recognized as a visionary leader who put together trend-forward campaigns, programs, and strategies to drive brand confidence. Nicole is a blogger with a particular liking for style, inspiration, and all things lifestyle that works to improve lives. Nicole has always had a love and passion for style and communication since she was a young girl growing up in the Caribbean. Migrating to New York City provided her the creative grooming, formal training, and hands-on experience needed to embrace communications. With a love for classic, clean, and sophisticated esthetics, she likes to take it up a notch with vibrant and bold colors. As a forward-thinker with a keen creative eye, Nicole is recognized among her peers as a go-to expert with a unique and trusted ability to cultivate genuine relationships, and her amazing ability to communicate at all levels make her a valuable and influential player to have on your team. She is also the Founder and Creative Communications Director of Nicole Williams Collective, co-host of the Open Conversations Podcast, and a WMC SheSource media-experience expert. With a background in makeup and personal styling, holding 2 degrees and a certification: Associates in Applied Science in Fashion Marketing, a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communications with a concentration in Visual and Media, and a Certified Bridal Consultant; Nicole understands the power of stories and images. From working with brands such as Pinnacle Vodka, Johnson’s, Intuit QuickBooks, Dreft, Victorinox Army Swiss via her lifestyle blog and a host of other influential brands and private companies, Nicole Williams is a leader, curator, speaker and most importantly a humbled student of her industry.


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