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Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge™ (#NLLMag) is a lifestyle and professional development magazine for women to find the practical guidance they need and the inspiration they want to live their best life—on their own terms. This space is the soul of Nicole Williams Collective brand where we share stories from detailed in-depth features, how-to guides, career profiles, and relatable first-hand stories.

This lifestyle magazine was conceived in NYC but now calls the City of Loganville, GA home. We strive to be the ultimate online resource helping the creative, career-driven woman from the City of Loganville to New York City experience her life better lived.

So whether you live in a small city like Loganville, GA or in a big city like Atlanta or New York City, we are there for you. Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge inspires women toward leading a well-rounded life that’s fun-filled, stylish, and financially savvy.

If you’re searching for your dream job or your purpose; relocating to a new city or traveling the world; paying down your debt or saving for a down payment; dating or navigating marriage. This is for you. NLL will be your unique way to help make educated decisions on how to spend your time and money. We’ll curate solutions for your lifestyle and professional development challenges.

We’ll also curate and celebrate the rich history of the City of Loganville and the surrounding Atlanta area. 

Check in with us via this website, podcast, newsletter, live events and social media channels where we provide women around the globe with doses of inspiration and guidance.

Nicole M Williams, Influencer, Cretaive Director, Event & Wedding Planner

About the founder

Here Nicole Williams get to combine three things that she love — lifestyle, people and wordsmithing. Her purpose is to help you effectively communicate, live and lead with confidence.

As a Communications and Personal Branding Coach, she’s here to give you the tools you need to experience better and more authentic connections in the moments and with the people that matter. As a content creator, she’s here to inspire your best authentic life.

She has a Bachelor’s in Communication with a concentration in Visual and Media Studies, an Associates in Fashion Marketing, and have spoken at several high schools, colleges and entrepreneurial events. She is also a Certified bridal Wedding and Event Planner, author of Bet On Yourself: Life Lessons To Cultivate and Create Your Success; and has been featured on GoBanking Rates, SCORE, Huffington Post, SheKnows, Female Entrepreneur Association, Ebony online, Munaluchi Bridal, and in ABC’s Wedding Planner Magazine, She Caribbean and more. Learn more about her…

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