Nicole's Lifestyle Lounge™ is a NYC lifestyle blog for the fabulously fearless women looking to create and navigate her life and dreams. Inspiring her to live a beautiful and empowered life, inside and out.

She’s the expecting college grad, the career woman, the boss woman.

She strives to become her best self. She is fierce, smart, and have agency. She is passionate about her dreams, her family, and her life.

She wants to learn everything she needs to succeed from career advice to lifestyle tips to prioritizing time for herself, and everything in between.

She’s the working woman or the stay-at-home mom, who needs a bit of guidance, and want to be inspired.





To ignite the ambitious and savvy women who dare to be her best, and inspire her to design a life with purpose. To help brands establish socially responsible ethical presence in this empowered woman market and build meaningful relationships with this psychographic.

"Being a FEMINIST does not equate to me ‘not needing a man.’ Yes I’m strong, demonstrate femininity, ferocity, knows my own agency and power. I know when to stand firm and when to stand down. My success does not take away from his success, it just increase our empire. Being a feminist simply means, I know my value and bring more to the table. I'm here overcoming challenges to achieve my dreams, and being the change so my daughters can accomplish more because I existed." -Nicole Melissa Williams



Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge is packed with style, lifestyle, career and personal development tips aimed at helping ambitious women live a life that’s purposeful and enjoyable. You’ll find regular features for living well and making the most out of life's opportunities, profiles of inspiring Fabulously Fearless go-getters, wellness tips, fashion trend alerts, gift guides and giveaways.

We try our best to keep a balance between curated storytelling and sponsored content. Plus, our brand partners must meet our exacting standards of addressing the needs of our readers.


Hi, I'm Nicole!

  Nicole M Williams, Influencer, Cretaive Director, Event & Wedding Planner

I'm Nicole, the CEO of Nicole Williams Collective LLC and the publisher of this blog. I'm also a mom, feminist, brand strategist, podcast co-host, event expert, and speaker empowering women to conquer life's obstacles and to be their best selves. I created NLL as a personal blog, and now it serves as a place to guide women through the best and worst of their lives. I have over 15 years entrepreneurial experience, a degree in Fashion Marketing, is a WMC SheSource media-experienced women expert, and is completing a BA in Communications with a focus in Visual and Media studies. I've been featured in magazines and websites like GoBankingRates, Female Entrepreneur Association, SheKnows and HuffPost. I reside in New York City by way of the beautiful island Jamaica. When I'm not planning beautiful events for my clients, or creating content for this blog or podcast, I'm spending quality time with my two girls and significant other.




Nicole Melissa Williams: Chief Brand Officer & Storyteller, nicole@nicolewilliamspr.com

Rodney Carter: Copy Editor & Podcast Cohost



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Learning how to build a brand and a blog gave Nicole the tools to reinvent her life while she was confined to her hospital bed during a high risk pregnancy. Through her business, she helps women who are looking for a makeover for their own life, career, or business. Most of all, Nicole enjoys the freedom to be a stay at home mom for her daughters while building a successful lifestyle brand. - Female Entrepreneur Association

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