Easter Theater Guide: Movie Picks

Easter Theater - Movie Picks

Happy Good Friday Everyone! It’s the time of year when we recognize the sacrifice our Lord made as well as celebrate His resurrection. Some of you are preparing by dyeing eggs for the Easter egg hunt, prepping food for Easter dinner or getting packed to make the trip to visit family or friends. But regardless of how you choose to celebrate I have a few Easter movie picks now playing in a theater near you.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: The Winter Soldier

Captain America

This action-adventure film starring Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Samuel L. Jackson and Anthony Mackie, is said to be “suspenseful and politically astute.” Captain America tries to live a quiet normal life but leaped into action to save the world and expose a conspiracy while fighting off assassins sent to silence him.


Rio 2

 Rio 2 starring Jaime Fox, Bruno Mars, Anne Hathaway and Will.I.Am, is a family friendly animation-comedy. Blu learns its a jungle out there when he and his family finds themselves in the wilds of the Amazon and tries to fit in.


Heaven is for real

This dramatic film staring Greg Kinnear, Kelly Reilly and Connor Corum is based on real life couple Todd and Sonja Burpo. This film is about a 4 year old boy who encountered a Heavenly experience which his father (a preacher) on a journey that threatened his family and parish.


Noah - Easter movie

This epic story of hope and sacrifice, starring Russell Crowe, is a action-adventure-drama. It’s a story about a man given a mission to build an Ark and save creation from an apocalyptic flood set to cleanse a world ravaged by human sin.



This mystery-drama described by The Guardian as a “sleek but insubstantial thriller,” is a tale of artificial intelligence. The film starring Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall and Morgan Freeman is about a doctor who is set to create a sentient machine that combines intelligence with a full range of human emotions.

If you’re still not sure which you want to go see, then check out the trailers below.

Which are you going to see?

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Career Lessons to Learn From Scandal’s Olivia Pope

Career lessons to learn from Scandal Olivia Pope-Kerry-Washington

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It seemed like just yesterday since season 3 of ABC’s Scandal started and we’re already gearing up for the finale in less than 24 hours.  Every woman and man I know (including me) pauses everything on a Thursday night at 10 pm just to get seduced by the drama, the seduction, the deceit and the lies.  We tune in every week to see what political scandals are going to drop and how Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), the leader of “The Gladiators in suits,” will fix her clients’ delicate yet serious problems.  Though Olivia Pope is a fictional character on a TV show, we ladies are real, but like Olivia Pope we showcase our Gladiator prowess daily in both our personal and professional lives. We’re quick thinkers who assess situations, rally the team and make power plays to fix things even with constantly changing variables.

Besides the lessons of how to secretly date the president of the United States and being DC’s sexiest crisis fixer, Olivia Pope teaches us some really priceless lessons that we can execute daily. So, if you’re looking for some ways to step up your game by embracing your inner Olivia Pope, here are a few practical tips from the top crisis manager’s play book to help you with that:

  1. Always be impeccably dressed – look the part
  2. To compete in a world that’s dominated by men, you’ve got to be fierce
  3. Be intentional in all that you do
  4. Be excellent at what you do
  5. To achieve success as a leader, you must align your team around a shared vision
  6. Keep both your friends and enemies close
  7. Fight passionately and tirelessly for what you believe
  8. No one’s perfect, but it’s all in the recovery
  9. Maintain the chain of command while empowering your people to act
  10. Don’t let personal issues cloud your professional judgement
  11. Seek genuine feedback without taking it personal

What lessons have you personally learn’t from Olivia Pope?


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Unleashing The Supernatural You

Unleashing the supernatural you

I’m in the process of moving, so I’ve been trying to balance that, chasing after a 15 month old, staying ahead of a teenager, and being a wife while managing a multi-dimensional business. Whew, that just made me tired just typing it! My body and feet as we speak, are sore from running around all weekend hosting parties, meeting clients, and tackling the task of good old housecleaning to get the new place ready for moving in. Not that a woman’s task is ever done, but I wrapped up on Sunday in time to sink into the couch and cozy up to Oprah’s #LifeClass and #OprahPrime.

As usual a session with Oprah always trigger nothing but thought provoking questions and answers, which have a uncanny way of revealing authenticity. There were a couple of nuggets that resonated this past Sunday. Bishop TD Jakes and Pharrell Williams, brought me back to Thursday’s meeting with a prospective client, Mrs. Lydia Woodsen-Sloley, the author of The Supernatural Woman, and though I’ve yet to start reading the book, she inspired the thought of creating a Supernatural Lifestyle.

I started reflecting on all the things that helped to shape me, and realized that  a lot of them are universal. There are women struggling on a daily basis to manage their family while trying to pursue their passion.  They judge and measure themselves against those who make it look easy, but not knowing that the person they envy, may also  be struggling quietly while appearing as though they have it all together. L’Wren Scott is a sad reminder of what can happen.  Perhaps you question God because you stay obedient and work hard but you seem to only be barely getting by or not at all. And maybe your spirit is deflating because it feels like you are not making enough progress in life or business. And I confess, I’ve been their – I too have struggled and continue to struggle with managing family, being a good wife, being a good parent and running a business! But know that it is OK, you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be you.

The supernatural woman

Finding Your Inner Supernatural

First of all, what does it mean to live a Supernatural Lifestyle? To me, living a supernatural life means that you are comfortable with being you (faults and all), you’re  living in your passion, living in your God given authority, and choosing to overcome and not live in mediocrity. You live in clarity with a sense of heightened awareness and you do what makes you happy without limitations.

But how do you live a supernatural lifestyle when you’re not the center of your own universe? Or when you seem to get lost in being super-busy and overwhelmed with taking care of everyone else but you? I say you first have to embrace the authentic you, develop a mentality that doesn’t blame others, and give yourself permission to embrace your own uniqueness and strengths without comparing yourself to others. As Pharrell said “serve your own purpose and don’t try to imitate someone else’s,” Bishop TD Jakes also said “if you live for others’ approval you will die by their rejection.”  To piggy back on Cindy Crawford’s Lifeclass, take some ME time away from life and ask yourself the real questions and actually answer them. Ask yourself “WHO YOU ARE?” and “HOW YOU WILL BE THAT PERSON?” then go out and be intentional with executing that person daily.

Life is a lesson with a series of adjustments, so learn to live in the moment and give power to the good stuff. Take pressure off yourself by just being YOU, valuing yourself and only pursue things that resonate with you – your PASSION. What I’ve learn’t from my experiences is that you have to be relentless with what’s burning on the inside of you, be comfortable in your decisions, as everyone will not support your journey.  Surround yourself with like minded people who will lift you up, so that when the insecurities and doubts creep in, and they will, you’ll have the strength of an army to overcome. As women we tend to get overwhelmed, we get mentally and physically exhausted, but just know it’s OK to ask for help – designate and give up some of the responsibilities, so you can have more time to get closer to that happier healthier you – the supernatural you!

Cindy Crawford’s 5 Questions to ask yourself

  1. What is your passion (where are you the happiest)?
  2. Where do you want to place your energy?
  3. Why not (what’s the worst that can happen)?
  4. What do you need to hear (what would make you feel validated)?
  5. How will you feed my passion?

Live your truth believe it, feel it, exude it!

the supernatural woman-back

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Wedding Advice: The Role of a Venue Manager, the Maitre’D, and the Day Of Coordinator

The difference between the day of coordinator and the maitre d'

As a wedding planner and the preferred Day-Of-Coordinator for the Princess Manor Catering Hall in Brooklyn, I find that many are confused about the role that a Venue Manager, the Maitre D’ and the Day-Of-Coordinator (Event Planner) plays. Most of you will book the catering hall and think because the hall handles most if not all of your reception details, there’s nothing else to worry about.  And that is where most of you run into situations that you would not want to be faced with on your wedding day.  So to help make the distinction between the Venue Manager, the Maitre d’ and the Day-Of-Coordinator much clearer for those of you who are still trying to figure out the difference, here goes.

The difference between the day of coordinator and the maitre d'

The Venue Manager

The Venue Manager is typically the person that toured the venue with you, review the contractual details, and sold you your package.  The manager usually supervises the many departments and staff that helps the venue to run smoothly.  Their job is to handle any issues that is facility and staff related. You will find on the wedding day the Venue Manager will then hand over the reigns and details to the Maitre D’.

The difference between the day of coordinator and the maitre d'

The Maitre D’

The Maitre D’ who is sometimes referred to as the Captain, is the conductor and manages his team to make sure all goes well on the catering side of the wedding. In essence he or she is the headwaiter who directs and maintains communication between the kitchen and the front for a more pleasurable dining experience. The Maitre d’ assign tables and schedules to the waitstaff, keeps the chef on time, and manages the meal flow.  This is the person who will manage and answer any meal related issues or questions for the guest; as well as ensure that the guest of honors are well fed. The Day-Of-Coordinator works with the Matire d’ to ensure proper timing of event activities  to keep the schedule stress-free  (with the Maitre d’ directing the venue staff and the Day-Of-Coordinator directing the wedding or event vendors).  In addition to the already stated responsibilities, the Maitre d’ also assist with the in-house technical details (lighting control, slideshow management etc).

Please remember, if a Maitre d’ goes outside the scope of these activities he or she is doing it out of pure courtesy.

Event planner

The Day-Of-Coordinator

The Day-Of-Coordinator who is often referred to as the “DOC,” is the the person who keeps the wedding or event as stress-free as possible ensuring that all emergencies or mishaps are taken cared of. He or she is a wedding or event planner hired to manage the day of, with the responsibility of being your point person, giving you a peace of mind knowing that everything will be seamlessly brought together. The DOC is the person who ensures that the VIP wishes are carried out and oversees everything from the ceremony to the reception, directs the vendors, answer the guests’ questions, and make sure that all your concerns are tended to.

When I’m hired for Day-Of-Coordination, my services includes meeting with you a month prior to the wedding and or event, to understand your visions, meet and or confirm all arrangements with your vendors, and serve as your wedding concierge providing last minute  suggestions and recommendations. I also create your event timeline, assist with the program and the seating arrangements. I take the worry about logistics off your shoulders leaving you to enjoy and have a stress free day.

If this was helpful to you you in any way, be sure to share and leave a comment below.

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Music: Lizette Ayuso Wanna Get To “Kno Ya”

Lizette Ayuso - Knoya - featuring Red Fox 2

New up-and-coming pop artist Lizette Ayuso is igniting the airwaves with the remake of her single “Kno Ya,” now available on iTunes.  The single which features Jamaican artist Red Fox is a marriage of Pop and Reggae, which came as a result of Lizette’s cousin nudging her to re-do the song.  The  remake was produced by six time Grammy nominated songwriter and producer Golden Chyl (Andre Fenell), who has worked with such artist as Shaggy, Chris Brown, Wyclef and Elephant Man.

Lizette was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and given only six months to live…

Lizette Ayuso - redefining pop with her fusion of reggae, latin and R&B

Born Carla Ayuso in Belize City, off the coast of the Caribbean Sea; Lizette exploded on the scene in 2012 with her energetic vocal intensity singles Somebody Someone, Talking in Your Sleep, and Take Me Somewhere.  Lizette who was inspired by her dad a musician, came to the United States to follow her dreams of becoming a recording artist.  But she was soon to find out the core lesson (of always delivering the best and never giving up) that her parents taught her was about to be tested. Lizette was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and given only six months to live, but now ten years later, her tenacity and will would prove her to be a survivor.  Lizette believes that her victory over cancer gave her a second chance, a second chance to inspire others.

Lizette Ayuso - redefining pop with her fusion of reggae, latin and R&B

This remix of the single represents Lizette Ayuso’s growth as an artist, and has been receiving massive radio play and fan fare.  Lizette Ayuso who is also fluent in Spanish, hopes this project will set the stage for many more collaborations to come.  The  single has a video that  is currently being edited with the hopes of it being ready just in time for her release party planned for Saturday April 12th at Fish Eye Bar and Grill in Brooklyn.

Lizette Ayuso’s experiences have contributed to her growth both personally and professionally.  She is inspired by Mariah Carey’s talent, and elegant sexiness; and as she continues her own creative journey she hopes she can be an inspiration to those who seek to follow their dreams.

The single is currently available  for purchase on iTunes, so be sure to show your support.

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